The England and Wales Cricket Board is developing a new form of limited-overs cricket, known as 100-ball cricket. Each team plays one innings consisting of 15 conventional six-ball overs followed by a final ten-ball over – hence faces 100 balls. You are the project manager responsible for organising and then running the first international cricket tournament under these rules. It will take place over two weeks, and include two parallel competitions: one for teams of men and one for teams of women. As well as being the first international series in the new format, an extra requirement for the project is to use innovative media technology to support the umpires in their decision making. The project relies on the expertise of one or two key members of the team as well as the installation and maintenance of the audio and video technology for the tournament, which has been sub-contracted to a supplier based in India.

(a) i) Outline three significant project risks and one business risk associated with the above scenario. These risks should be specific to this project and not just general risks that could apply to any project (such as a project being late or over budget).

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ii) Use the risks you identify to illustrate the difference between a business risk and a project risk.

iii) For each of the three project risks you have identified, outline an appropriate strategy to manage that risk and state which type of risk management strategy it is.

(b) Use the project described above to illustrate one approach to project estimation that has been described in the module. The method chosen should be appropriate for this project. What additional risks would be introduced by your chosen method of estimation?

(c) Halfway through the project, you discover that the technician responsible for installing the audio and video equipment has been denied an entry visa. This previously unidentified risk is likely to impact on the cost and timescale of the project. What action should you take on discovering the problem?

(d) Routine project monitoring has shown that the project is now running several weeks late. Suggest two strategies you could adopt in order to help bring the project back on track and explain the implications of these strategies for the project.


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