The goal of this interview is for you to learn more about what role marketing plays in an organization of your choice. You should select a company within an industry of interest. Determine what type of marketing position you would like to learn more about and target the individual with the organization of your choice to interview. It can take several weeks to gain access to the individual you target. Begin thinking about this assignment early on and research how to contact the individual.

The goal of the assignment is for you to learn about prospecting (targeting someone you do not know and making a connection for the ask). There are not assigned questions. The goal of the assignment is for you to learn information that you want to know. Base your interview on what you want to learn.

Write a summary and prepare a brief oral presentation of an interview with a marketing professional responsible for marketing within their organization (cannot be a relative, neighbor or current employer).

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Special Reminders:

Be sure to properly cite your sources in all work you submit. If you use the text as a source, it must be cited

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