PlastiPharm has been in business for more than 40 years. Over those years, the company has developed strong relationships with several of its customers that allows them to work together to better forecast needs. The company wants to develop the same kind of relationship with its newer customers and has scheduled a number of kick-off meetings to plan and discuss future needs. How does this CPFR (collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment) effort benefit the company? Please select the best explanation.

  • By working with customers, the company can improve its forecasts and be more efficient in its operations.
  • Forecasting the needs of customers enables the company to adjust its capital expenses for future projects.
  • Working with customers enables the company to determine costs and set prices before they potentially rise.
  • How a customer responds during a kick-off meeting allows the company to determine if it is worthwhile developing a stronger relationship with them.
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