Case Study: Power in times of trouble – light at the end of the tunnel

Sun Power Installations is a successful solar panel installation company. With the load- shedding and power problems in South Africa, they have expanded the company and currently have six offices, located in Gauteng (2), Limpopo (1), North West (1) and the Western Cape (2). They have taken on a great new customer, namely all municipalities in Gauteng. To deal with this new customer, they have hired several new part-time employees to help them with their installations. As load shedding started to increase, the orders started coming in. The municipalities had told them how many solar panels they needed, but orders from some municipalities were unpredictable and some needed rush orders. When SunPower finally got the orders, some were much larger than they had expected. Not all the new part-time employees were trained in solar panel installation and the systems engineer (also the training manager) fell ill during this crucial stage of the project. This led to mistakes and poor installation in certain areas and time and money had to be spent on fixing defects. Adverse weather in some remote areas also made it difficult for the installation teams to reach the sites and complete the installations. The quality of the material was also a serious issue – SunPower had recently signed a contract with a new supplier that was unable to deliver on schedule. It also became apparent that this supplier used sub-standard cabling that led to further complications. Also, the on-site storage facilities that the municipalities made available to SunPower for their equipment proved inadequate and posed a security risk. You have been hired as a project manager. In your new role, one of the processes you are trying to institute is risk management. You start looking at what is happening in the business and talking (in on-line MS Team meetings) to all stakeholders involved. As you do this, you start identifying risks and potential risks. As you go along, you start doing more proactive risk analysis and risk response planning. Based on the information provided, develop a risk register for SunPower Installations (identify at least eight risks). Use the following headings:

Risk name and description

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Risk ranking
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