Choose 5 of the follwing questions to answer

Describe how surveys can be used to collect information.

Discuss how Web research can be used by advertisers to target consumers.

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Explain how focus group research is conducted. Comment on the advantages and disadvantages of this form of research.

List and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of primary data.

Identify and discuss the significant sources of secondary data.

List and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of secondary data.

Compare and contrast conscious versus subconscious responses to physiological data.

Characterize the primary methods for obtaining physiological data for advertisers.

List and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of physiological data.

Describe the role research plays in the creation of a successful campaign or product launch.

Explain the process of idea generation and provide an example of a new idea you have seen or experienced lately.

Explain the process of concept design and testing. Create an example to illustrate how this process might work.

Compare primary data to secondary data. Compare quantitative data to qualitative data.

Target marketing requires that we use the STP process, which consists of three steps. List and briefly describe those steps.

Explain how advertisers might be able to use SRI International’s VALS2™ to construct consumer ad campaigns.

Targeting helps define who the customers are. Targeting calls for the advertiser to take three steps. Describe and detail each of those three steps.

Good target markets have a series of properties that make them very attractive to advertisers and marketers. Describe and detail the four properties of a good target market.

Discuss the logic of using behavioral targeting to reach consumers. Be specific in your discussion.

Marketers must consider three positioning dimensions as they formulate their positioning strategy. List and briefly describe the three positioning dimensions discussed in the chapter.

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