Production management involves the planning, organization, direction, controlling and execution of production activities. In the past, the manufacturing function in most companies was inwardly focused. Manufacturing had little contact with customers and didn’t always understand their needs and desires. In the 1980s, many U.S. industries, such as automotive, steel, and electronics, lost customers to foreign competitors because their production systems could not provide the quality customers demanded. As a result, today most American companies, both large and small, consider a focus on quality to be a central component of effective operations management.

a) What is the difference between production and operations management? (AN, 6)
b) Why is production and operations management important in both manufacturing and service firms? (AP, 5)
c) What is the difference between a primary, secondary and tertiary producer? Give an example of each? (AN, 6)
d) Draw and describe a simple production system of an organization in Ghana (AN, 8) TOTAL[251

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