Which of the following dimensions of the customer experience dashboard is used for sentiment testing and classifying positive or negative customer experience culled from social media buzz?

user testing

web analytics

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experience research

social listening

In a communication process, an external influence such as competitive advertising that impairs the effectiveness of an advertising message is referred to as ________.

signal fire

language barrier

information paradox


  1. The world’s best-known franchises are ________.

    advertising agencies

    travel agencies

    hotel chains

    fast-food chains

Which of the following is often the most effective and the only feasible way for a company to establish itself in a new market?

by setting up a direct sales force

by approaching a company producing substitute products

by providing special incentives to wholesalers

by providing special incentives to retailers

Which of the following involves a contractual agreement whereby a company grants the right to sell its goods and services to another company?

joint ventures




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