Performance appraisals provide an administrative function in that they provide documentation to support:

  • employee analysis and development

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  • Data for job analysis and data for job descriptions.

  • Job design and employee engagement.


  • Employee disciplinary action and employee development.

2. Including an employee self-evaluation as part of the performance management process is a good idea because:

  • it allows the evaluator extra time to prepare thoughts on the employee’s performance.

  • It allows the employee to reflect and gives managers a heads up on any differences of opinion.

  • It provides the evaluator with the information they may have forgotten about the employee’s performance.

  • It allows the employee the opportunity to influence the evaluator’s final report.

3. An average time to assemble a part of the car’s carburetor has been established for the assembly line. When reviewing an employee’s performance on the line, the number of features the employee assembled is reviewed against those standards. What step of the performance appraisal process is this?

  • communicating performance standards

  • measuring performance

  • comparing actual performance to performance standards

  • personnel action

4. In which approach do employees and managers discuss and agree on the goals for the employee?

  • paired comparison

  • absolute appraisal

  • management by objective

  • relative appraisal

5. Which appraisal is belabored by the complexity of development and maintenance, with each position requiring a set of evaluation criteria and rating descriptions?

  • Critical incident

  • Management by objective

  • BARS

  • Graphic rating scale

6. What appraisal method requires the evaluator to compare all their employees’ performance in each category individually, assigning a plus or a minus to indicate relative strength or weakness?

  • paired comparison

  • ranking

  • BARS

  • Graphic ranking scale.

7. When evaluating an employee, an evaluator who takes into account a recent performance episode instead of the whole evaluation period is committing:

  • the recency error

  • the biased rating error

  • the horned effect error

  • the halo effect error

8. One approach to appraisal effectiveness, approaching it with a combination of caring personally and challenging direction, is referred to as what?

  • radical candor

  • the halo effect

  • performance management system

  • performance management

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