Explain the most important principles
of business management within a modern organizational environment.

  1. Examine
    the steps of the Management process and the key functions of each one.
  2. Analyze
    and compare the 4 eras of Management theory. The main ideas of your
    critical analysis will be presented in a table of contents similar than
    this one:

(academic source)

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ERA (theoretical

  1. Identify
    the effects of Globalization and its consequences on Management and
    Organizations. Describe an example.
  2. What
    are the utilities of a Pestel analysis in Business Management.

Part 2 (800 words):

  1. What
    are the basic elements of organizing?
  2. Identify
    these basic elements in one of the following companies: McDonals, Ikea
    and/or Amazon.
  3. Explain
    the advantages and disadvantages of functional, divisions and matrix
    organizational design.
  4. For
    a modern company, what are the demands on managements and organizations?


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