Please read the below process and answer the below questions The mortgage process starts with receiving the mortgage application by the Mortgage Specialist. The Mortgage Specialist checks whether the application is complete or not. If the application is not complete, the application is sent back to the applicant and the applicant fills out the missing information and send it back to the Mortgage Specialist. This process is repeated until the application is found complete. When the form is complete, two checks are performed: the applicant’s loan risk assessment is done automatically by the Mortgage System. After the risk assessment done by the system, the Finance Specialist performs credit history check. Second check is that the Property Specialist appraise the property for which the loan has been requested. The Property Consultant and Finance Consultant informs the Mortgage Specialist about the results. Once both controls were performed; the mortgage specialist assesses the suitability of the applicant’s mortgage request. If the applicant is not qualified, the application is rejected. If qualified, the acceptance documents are prepared by the Mortgage Specialist. At this stage, mandatory life insurance is also made by the Insurance Specialist or the applicant sends its life insurance if he/she already has a life insurance. Also at this stage the applicant may want to include an optional home insurance. If the home insurance is requested by the applicant, insurance plan is prepared by the Insurance Specialist. Insurance Specialist inform the Mortgage Specialist while preparing the insurance plan. Insurance plan is sent to the applicant with the acceptance documents. The acceptance documents include a mortgage repayment schedule. If the applicant does not accept the repayment schedule, mortgage specialist cancels the application; if the applicant agreed, the mortgage specialist approves the application and inform the Finance Specialist and Insurance Specialist. The process is completed with the mortgage specialist notifying the applicant of the application status.

1- Draw the process map according to BPMN with swimlanes (role lanes). Please add correct gateways
2- List all activities (tasks) and prepare the RACI matrix

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