Critical Thinking Activity

SPC Review

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  1. Review the section “Statistical Process Control Defined.” Explain how environment and the Five M’s can affect processes used in the following:

    1. A hardware store

    2. A hospital

    3. An accounting firm

    4. A newspaper

    5. A factory

    6. A new-car dealership

  2. Explain the relationship that exists between the histogram and the control chart.

  3. Contrast the histogram’s characteristic of representing a “snapshot” of a process with a control chart.

  4. Defend the statement that the operator of the process should be the owner and data plotter of the control chart, as opposed to a person from quality assurance or engineering, for example.

  5. Comment on the significance of this statement: “Control chart parameters must be statistically derived and cannot simply be specifications or some arbitrary values that are based on production expectations.”


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