Tech companies are creating voice assistance technology with which of the following assumptions? (select all that apply)

Unless customers are willing to pay for the technology directly (for example, as a subscription service for Google Assistant or through smart speakers), it will not make the company more profitable

Money could be made be integrating the technology with other products (e.g., partnerships with car manufacturers or home appliance makers)

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The technology can be used to create more customer loyalty with other products the company sells

Voice assistance technology will be a big business, even the specific business model is not yet clear

The Desi Shack case focused on expanding domestically, and the Starbucks case focused on expanding internationally. What are common differences between domestic and international expansion? (select all that apply)

Government regulations can be different

You may need to grapple with language and cultural differences with international expansion

Domestic expansion usually means more uncertainty that customers will want your product

International expansion often involves forming new supplier relationships

The competitive landscape internationally will likely be different than in the home market

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