eplies to Nichole Scott Project and business plans are very important in the health care setting for achieving specific goals. Both plans offer an overview of the necessary resources required in a particular period in a healthcare facility. The plans clearly outline the stakeholders’ expectations at the beginning of a project (Bogáth, 2017). Also, the plans assist in making better budgetary allocation. It would be easy to allocate money in different departments with minimal overestimation. However, it requires the methods to be done consistently. These practices differ from business environments because they majorly deal with the internal affairs of the company. In contrast, the business environments are the external factors affecting the business, such as tax and customers. That said, the most common business plans models are the executive summary, company description, and market analysis, where the company history and performance are analyzed.

1. According to the statement above Which area do you feel is on the higher priority list as the planner /implementer and which for the C-suites?

2. CAT-Discuss the differences between strategic, tactical, and operational plans. Feel free to create a comparison table.

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