31._____In Personam Jurisdiction isa. the power of a court over the parties to a caseb. a Federal Court procedure, onlyc. the study of the lawd. quasi critical analysis

32._____ Laws enacted by legislative bodies of the federal or state governments are:a. uniform lawsb. stare decisisc. statutory lawsd. administrative regulations

33 & 34 Peter, a resident of Quahog, Rhode Island, was driving with his family on I-80, throughthe State of Illinois. He was distracted by the constant insults of his son, Stewie, and as a resultswerved into the next lane, striking Quagmire’s car. After the police investigated, Quagmire wastaken to the hospital, vowing to sue Peter for his injuries. Peter went on his way, laughing tohimself that he would never return to Illinois. Quagmire lives in Palos Hills.

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33._____ Quagmire can file his suit in the Federal District Court, only ifa. This isn’t Peter’s first accident in Illinoisb. Peter purchased his car in Illinoisc. The amount of Quagmire’s damages exceed $75,000d. Can Lois actually hear what Stewie is saying?

34._____ Assuming Quagmire files his suit in the Circuit Court of Cook County, and Peter can not be found in the State of Illinois, Peter can be served with Summons in Rhode Island, under the Illinois Long Arm Statute becausea. Peter was conducting business in Illinoisb. Peter committed a tort within the State of Illinoisc. Quagmire was conducting business in Illinoisd. Quagmire committed a tort within the State of Illinois

35_____ Kay filed a suit against Jack. The pleading document which sets out the grounds of the Court’s jurisdiction, the facts alleging the basis of Kay’s case, and the damages that Kay is seeking, is called the:a. Complaintb. Answerc. Summonsd. Service of process

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