If you are a business level manager of a single business unit, namely a regular tea production factory. Your company is the leader in this sector in the market. Your Net Profit has increased by 5% every year for the past 5 years despite COVID 19 global pandemic. Your growth is stable. Your company has captured 30% of the market share and is taking up an expansion plan of capturing additional 10% market share by introducing a new flavored tea-Jesmine tea. Please answer the following: (1) Write down in detail the5 tasks of strategic management. Please remember your expansion plan. (2) Draw the value chain of your organization for your regular product. Do you need any change in your value chain for the planned expansion? -explain. (3) Draw the market positioning based on the competitive advantage of your company for existing product and also for the upcoming new product. (4) How are you planning on capturing additional market share despite the Global Pandemic-explain. Who will be your target group? How did you decide on your target group? Explain. (5) Explain what kind of leadership, culture, ethical value, technology you will be using to ensure sustainability. (6) What are the challenges that you may face while ensuring sustainability and future expansion plans? (7) What are your plans to overcome the challenges? (8)Do you have any plan of going global? Explain the process. (9) How would you plan your staffing? Explain.(10) What is your contingency plan (back up plan) if you fail to capture the additional market share? Are you still going to be able to maintain regular market growth of 5%, or your expansion plan may impact? Explain the financial implication and brand implication.
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