Ranking your solutions based on the probable impact is the Response area Response area

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Put McLean’s seven simple steps for solving a problem in order.

Arrange responses in the correct order to answer the question. Select a response, navigate to the desired position and insert response at that position. Responses can be selected and inserted using the space bar, enter key, left mouse button or touchpad. Responses can be moved using the up and down arrow keys or by dragging with a mouse.

?Decide on a solution

?Consider possible solutions

?Analyze the problem

?Establish the criteria

?Implement the solution

?Define the problem

?Follow up on the solution

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Which of these can be helpful in avoiding litigation or negative after-effects when delivering bad news? Select all that apply.

  • Be consistent and concise

  • Be respectful and don’t use profanity or slurs

  • Avoid contradictions

  • Share the news within the department or company


A crisis communication plan should include which of these four elements?

  • Assurances

  • Designated spokesperson

  • Media plan with procedures

  • Meeting location

  • Victim statement

    Team members with contact information


Many corporations use _____ to produce positive social change.

  • cause marketing

  • commerce marketing

    social contracts

  • cultural hegemony


Accepting that we are part of society and we all benefit when we respect its rules and customs is part of our _____.

  • grassroot effort

  • social contract

  • cultural expectation

  • imperial domain


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