Can someone give me an answer and a detailed explanation of these 2 questions?

Q1.Workforce planning seeks to forecast the numbers of people and type of skills needed to achieve organisational goals by comparing the available workforce capabilities with human capital needs of the future, determine if any gaps are evident, and then develop action plans to reconcile – or close – any gaps identified. Discuss the options for the development of action plans in situations where the gap analysis identified a likely future (i) oversupply of labour, and (ii) shortage of labour.

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Q2. While workforce planning must relate to other planning efforts of any organisation and can be a necessary component of an organisation’s strategic plan, one of your colleagues is not convinced by the merits of workforce planning. She suggests that any planning is a fruitless exercise for an organisation since the results may be outdated by the time the process is complete. Using your knowledge of workforce planning, either support or refute her argument. In your answer include a discussion of the inherent assumptions associated with workforce planning.


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