Business Law Case: While working at Target I was a manager and I had a store manager who did many unethical things. One of those things was leaving the store while on the clock. My manager at the time told us she was leaving to recruit new hires and left for hours. Little did we all know while she was gone she had stopped for lunch with another manager we had at the time and they decided to grab lunch while on the clock. They came back later that day and acted like nothing had happened. This was unethical because it created an unsafe work environment for the staff and a negative example for our minors who worked there as well. In order to handle the situation a group of managers and I discussed options on what to do with this information we had had. We decided it would be best to contact HR and our district manager with our discoveries and see how they could help. Ultimately although immediate action wasn’t taken by the company to resolve this problem she and her actions were put under review while she was watched with a close eye. This store manager was eventually fired. I Think since we followed the systematic approach of IDDR this is why we were able to get results from the company to terminate her.

Question: How would you do things different in the future? Do you think they used Outcome base or Duty-Based Ethics?

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