You’ve been hired as a restaurant consultant for a fancy chain that despite its upscale demeanor is not doing well financially. Your first task is to dine at one of the local restaurants and observe what could be improved during table service. You make reservations for a busy Saturday night and are seated near the kitchen. Your server, Rita, quickly comes to your table with a glass of water that she is gingerly holding by the rim. Rita notes that you are the only member of your party and decides to leave the extra place settings at the table. She then brings you fresh rolls while you are contemplating the menu and graciously picks one up for you and places it on your plate. You then ask for a soft drink and watch as Rita quickly washes her hands, secures a clean glass and uses it to scoop ice from the bin before dispensing your diet cola. It is at this point that you decide to pull out a pad of paper and begin taking notes. What did Rita do wrong? What changes should Rita make to ensure that she is meeting safety and sanitation standards?

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• What did Rita do incorrectly?


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