In this assignment, you demonstrate your understanding of the material after you have utilized all of the learning tools in this module (reading materials, videos, quiz, and discussion). You should demonstrate a basic understanding of: • Non-contract liability that a business must consider in its planning • The concepts of torts • Strict liability • Products liability • Business Criminal liability Submit a 250-word response to the following: This is part of the final exam. Treat the question as an essay exam. This unit covered Business Criminal Liability, Torts and Products liability. Answer the following: 1. Define the concept of Products liability and how a business may be liable for the products it sells. (Hint: Give a definition of products liability. Be sure to define Products liability and how a business can be held liable when someone is injured using its product or a product it sold.) 2. Define strict liability and give an example. (Hint: Define the term and give an example.) 3. Explain the concept of negligence in a business setting. (Hint: Define negligence and give an example from a business perspective.) 4. Give an example of when a business may be held criminally liable. (Hint: Hopefully you saw some articles in the discussion, otherwise do some research!)

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