Presented below in the table are the average household weekly expenditure ($) on three major commodity groups (current housing costs, medical care and health expenses, and communication) and the total household expenditure on all goods and services by the ‘age of head of households’ in Australia in 2015-16. Using the information provided, and applying appropriate concepts and calculating appropriate indicators, analyse the patterns of consumption of these three commodity groups by households at different stages of the life cycle. Your response should be no more than 150 words, excluding calculations.

Age of head of household
15–24 25–34 35–44 45–54 55–64 65+

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All households

Current housing costs
Medical care and health
Communication 67 Total expenditure on all

126 312 90 87 33 47

914 1,519

286 440 492 364 241 27 79 81 91 95 55 47 54 49 1,654 1,770 1,955 1,514


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