Critically study two different types of history. Critically evaluate the advantages and limitations of the two types Historical representation. The historical period under study should be in the 1990s or before. Explain the basic characteristics of the selected statement. second, It is recommended to understand the methods of the work’s implicit and explicit information (e.g. thesis, scope, Producer’s point of view and purpose) Third, it is recommended how to check historical records The narrative is reliable or contains biased opinions. Finally, propose methods to identify works • Introduction and conclusion • Introduction-provide your readers with an overview, such as a brief introduction to the history Looking back to prove the historical performance and the choice of historical themes, The goal of the paper and the organization of the paper; • Conclusion-Emphasize your suggestion, synthesize your point of view, and state your suggestion The meaning and significance of the article • Analysis of each historical work: this may include topics and essays The selected item, the background of the producer, the method of obtaining the item, historical data Producer, etc. use • Critical evaluation. In this section, you can explain the characteristics of each form Historical performance, comparing and contrasting the views, opinions, or prejudices of two people Historical works, use these historical works to learn the advantages and limitations of the selected works Historical topics/problems/events/people, etc. • Supporting evidence (10%): At least four academic works should be used. You can use APA, MLA or Chicago style.
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