1.2 You’re managing a highway construction project. Your total budget is $650,000, and there is
a total of 7,500 hours of work scheduled on the project. You check with your accounting
department, and they tell you that you’ve spent a total of $400,000. According to the schedule,
your crew should have worked 4,500 hours, but your foreman says that the crew was allowed to
work some overtime, and they’ve put in 5,100 hours of work.

Calculate the : BAC, PV, EV, AC, SPI, SV, CPI, SPI, CV for the project?

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BAC x Planned % complete = PV, CV= EV – AC.
EV = BAC x Actual % complete, SPI = EV/PV
SV= EV- PV, CV = EV – AC


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