In Modules 1 and 2 you were introduced to some key elements of an international marketing plan, including economic, cultural, political, and legal variables. In this assignment you will integrate and apply the concepts you have learned so far. The assignment will also provide you with the opportunity to develop and apply research and critical-thinking skills and to analyze these variables within the context of the international marketing task model introduced in Module 1. The information from this assignment forms the first section of your international marketing plan, the Country Profile. Please note that your host country and product category are the same for the four assignments.

The writing in the non-graded activities from the course modules will form the basis for your assignments. This assignment consists of writing a report introducing your chosen country and a Canadian product or service you intend to market in the host country. You will also examine aspects of the social, cultural, economic, political, and legal environments that are relevant for the marketing of your chosen product in your country of choice.

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Part IV: Political/Legal Analysis (25 marks)

  • Discuss the political environment, and identify issues that you must consider to assess political risk and reduce political vulnerability. Does the host government facilitate trade, or is it reluctant to engage in trade?

  • Briefly describe the legal system of the market you wish to enter, and discuss its relevance to your task as an international marketer.

  • Briefly discuss two possibilities of international dispute resolution between trade partners available for your company in the country of choice.

  • Discuss the most important differences and similarities between Canada and your country of choice in terms of the political and legal environment.

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