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  • report has been read by management and they have approved your training arrangements and suggestions for policy and procedure updates.
  • Update the policies and procedures as outlined in your report from Part A.
  • Compose an email that will be sent to all staff communicating the changes and attach the updated policies and procedures. Advise them of the details of the training arrangements including benefits of receiving the training. Report is

    Evaluation Report

    SUMMARY: The whole report is about Marino Enterprises and how its rules and processes operate. The objective of the information is to examine the number of complaints and disputes that the Marino business has experienced in the previous three months, as well as any training that staff members may require, as well as any policy and procedure updates that may be required.

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    INTRODUCTION: Marino Enterprises has been effectively doing the company for an extended period. Their consumers have had a positive experience with their customer service. People’s contact and communication styles have evolved as time has passed. As just a consequence, the firm is having problems with both customer service and employees. Consequently, it is crucial to examine present policy and practice and, if required, establish new ones.

    CURRENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: They have been delivering outstanding service since the company’s policies and processes were created. The majority part of the consumers is satisfied with the service. Apart from how complaints are handled and accepted by the consumer, over 80% of customers are satisfied.

    POSSIBLE ISSUES: Some customers complained that they weren’t adequately greeted. A complaint was made about an erroneous bill. A member of the staff altered the customer’s extras. The team did not pay attention to the customer. A social media user complained that items were not accessible online. The establishment did not treat an intoxicated customer properly.

    WHAT CAN BE DONE: After evaluating the difficulties and scenarios that occurred earlier, we can evolve. Following the evaluation, we’ll go right to the point and work on communication and social media rules. Staff rights and duties are developed and sent to each employee, along with the employee handbook. All social media procedures are being developed. Organize a training session on how to deal with an angry customer. Create a security system for the firm. Conduct online conflict resolution training.

    CONCLUSION: For achieving a rapid result, it is recommended that you take the appropriate steps for all of the difficulties stated above as soon as feasible.

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