Read the following scenario and answer the question in 5-10 sentences.

You are a loan officer at a bank. Two years ago, Smith Credit Union and Loan (SCUL) loaned Westwood Solar $100,000 to start a company selling solar panels to commercial and residential customers. The loan has an acceleration clause that permits the holder to immediately demand all payments plus the interest owed to date if Westwood Solar fails to pay an installment in any given month. Westwood Solar has made its loan payments for the past two years. However, sales of solar panels have proved more difficult than expected. SCUL is interested in selling you the loan in exchange for case. You are worried that the loan may not be negotiable because the acceleration clause does not create a specific time for repayment but is a flexible time for repayment that may not occur at all. Discuss whether this loan is negotiable. Assume all other criteria are met.

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