Circle the correct choice(0.5 mark each)

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?1.?A good project management system provides for defining the interface between the project team and the organization in all the following areasexcept


?B)?allocation of resources.

?C)?development of project team members.

?D)?integration of the project into the organization.

?E)?all of these are provided.

?2.?Organizations have difficulty in creating a system for managing projects because

?A)?contrary to typical operations, projects are one-time efforts.

?B)?projects are multidisciplinary while organizations are usually departmentalized by discipline.

?C)?projects are not focused on profits.

?D)?both a and b are correct

?E)?a, b, and c are all correct

?3.?The structure that manages projects within the existing organizational structure is __________organization.


?B)?balanced matrix

?C)?weak matrix

?D)?strong matrix


Section 2: Fill in the blank with the correct word using the list of terms provided below:(0.5 mark each)

functional,project, culture, weak matrix, balanced,strong, stressful, conflict,problem solving, leadership,

?1.?At Apple Computer, the Macintosh development team was isolated in a separate building and given the prime directive to develop a breakthrough computer as quickly as possible. This is an example of using the ________ organizational approach to project management.

?2.?The ________ structure is designed to optimally utilize resources by having individuals work on multiple projects as well as being capable of performing normal functional duties.

? 3.The ________ matrix form of project organization is likely to enhance project integration,diminish internal power struggles, and ultimately improve control of project activities and costs.


4.As more and more companies embrace project management as a critical vehicle for realizing corporate objectives, they are creating centralized ________ to oversee and improve the management of projects.

project management offices (PMOs)

Circle the correct choice (0.5 mark each)

1.??Many organizations have struggled with project management organization because projects contradict fundamental design principals associated with traditional organizations.


2.AThe project form of project management structure is commonly used when one functional area plays a dominant role in completing the project or has a dominant interest in the success of the project.


3.In a balanced matrix form of project management, the project manager is responsible for definingwhat needs to be accomplished while the functional managers are concerned withhow it will be accomplished.



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