Q1) For each type of consumer product discuss the market considerations (Consumer buying behavior, Price, Distribution & Promotion). Also provide example of a product for each of the consumer product type. (10 Marks) 500 – 1000 words CLO 1 and CLO 4

Q2) A new smart phone brand “AMAZE” is planning to launch in the Pakistani market. The brand is aiming to target all income groups by launching various models at different price point. Answer the following questions to help the brand formulate specific elements of marketing strategy;

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A) Which new product pricing should the company implement and why? (3 Marks, 250 to 500 words)

B) Which major store retailer type should the brand select for its products retailing and why? (3 marks, 250 to 500 words)

C) Suggest possible advertising objectives for this brand. Also select and explain a Message execution style for this brand.


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