Client Appreciation Letter WHO: Imagine you are a company sales representative and you recently signed a project contract with a new client (another company). For this hypothetical letter, you should pick the names and types of organizations and develop the specific (legal and class-appropriate) services your company will provide over the next year. WHAT: While securing this contract was an accomplishment for you personally, it was also good for your company. To build goodwill and assure your client your company can fulfill the contract, you are writing your contact at the other company (the client) a letter of appreciation. LETTER DETAILS: In a letter addressed to the client’s CEO or President (make up a name and that person’s contact information), accomplish all of the following, in whatever order makes sense to you/your message: • thank the individual for the company’s business · what the client can expect to be finished within the next month · when you will follow up with an email progress update · when you will meet in-person to go over a draft/plan/mock-up/model/prototype (you choose the term that fits your scenario; it just needs to be the preliminary step the client will approve before your company proceeds) • the names and titles of two other co-workers who will assist with this project, along with their expertise/anticipated contributions to the project

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