Based on the following case description, create Context DFD for
the ABC Clinic Management System. The system gets the procedure
information from a patient and retrieves the patient record from
the Patient file for verification. Patient procedure record is
stored in the Procedure file. The system gets the patient records
from the Patient file and patient procedure records from the
Procedure file. The system determines insurance amount and send the
insurance bill (amount) to the insurance company. The system needs
to process insurance payment information. The system receives
insurance payment information from the insurance company, and
patient financial information from the Patient file. Then, it
generates insurance payment record and stores it into the Insurance
Payment file. The Patient file is updated. Additionally, the system
gets insurance payment amount from the Insurance Payment file.
Then, it calculates the patient amount due, which is stored in the
Patient file. Finally, the system gets patient name and address
from the Patient file. Along with this information, patient amount
due is retrieved from the Patient file to create a bill. The bill
is sent to the patient.


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