Assignment You are the Project Manager and have been asked to
prepare a project charter based on the following information:

Sponsor: Seneca College

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Job: Seneca College wants the library at the North York Campus
painted for the Winter semester

Time: 4 months (16 weeks)

Internal Expertise: • Painters/Labourers Needed Expertise /
Outsource: • Plaster/Drywall

Work Budget: $50,000

Expected Costs: $42,000

Over runs: any expenses over $5,000 each project Manager must
get approval from the Dean of Business

Issues / Risks: • if lead paint is required approval from
Ministry of Health required • Unionized painters MUST be used •
Matte paint for walls • Satin for ceiling

Approval: Final approval must be signed off by Dean of

Time Requirements: • 1 week to empty library (furniture and wall
fixtures) • 2 weeks to scrape old paint off walls • 3 weeks to fix
damage (drywall/plaster) • 2 weeks to prime • 3 weeks to sand and
patch • 2 weeks to paint • 1 week to place furniture and wall
fixtures back in library • 1 weeks to touch up • 1 week to complete

Sponsor Contact: David

Start Date: October 1st, 2021

Approval: 1 week before start time, colour approval

Acceptance: Paint review, no runs, pits, or scratches


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