In the following analysis, assume a flow unit of one batch of
slacks (200 garments). Ignore the setup times and other flow units
that can be in the system. Include all the steps from accepting the
order until the order being delivered to the customer. For the
shipping operation, you can pick any of the delivery options that
is listed in the game. This simulation assumes that the shipping
carrier can make arbitrarily large shipments without any effect on
the delivery time (e.g., if we choose a standard shipping method,
it will be delivered in 2 weeks, regardless of whether we ship 20
slacks or 20,000,000 slacks) Answer the following questions: (8
points) Draw the process flow diagram for an order of slacks. (8
points) Calculate the capacity of the slack-making process and
identify the bottleneck(s). Express your answer as batches per
week. Note that the simulation assumes that the workstations are
operating 2400 minutes. In other words, 1 work week = 40 hours =
2400 minutes. You can locate “time per operation” by clicking on
the machine. This is the time it takes a machine to complete the
operation for one garment. The simulation assumes that an operation
takes the same time regardless of the garment type. (4 points) Does
the capacity of this process depend on the shipping method that you
choose for the purpose of capacity analysis? Why? You can submit
your answers either in a Word format or in a carefully written and
scanned pdf file. If you have no access to a scanner, I recommend
that you use a scanner app on your smartphone and convert the image
to black-and-white format (not grayscale!)


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