Kabelo and Hendrik are joint owners of Fitness Gym. They are currently investigating the option of investing in cryotherapy, a cold therapy that may reduce inflammation in tendons or joints. Kabelo and Hendrik must draw up a new budget to accommodate their investment in cryotherapy. The projected sales for use of the new equipment serves as the point of departure for the budgeting process. In addition, they will use the previous year’s actual income and expenditures as a basis. This is known as budgeting. A. annual B. traditional C. forecasted D. zero-based Reset Selection Mark for Review What’s This? Question 15 of 35 1 Points is the probability that the actual result of a decision may deviate from the planned end result, with an associated financial loss or wast of resources. A. Uncertainty B. Probability of collateral damage O C. Risk D. Return Reset Selection Mark for Review What’s This? Question 16 of 35 1 Points If IBM would like to improve its gross profit margin, which one of the following strategies would be the most appropriate? IBM would have to A. increase sales by relaxing the credit standards while improving productivity by means of performance-management systems B. decrease its marketing efforts in order to decrease sales while increasing the cost of products sold C. reduce equity by buying back shares and cancelling the shares

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