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One of the advantages of cohabitating versus marriage is the convenience of having no legal strings attached. In other words, if the two people decide to separate, there is no need to go to court to get out of the relationship. Another advantage of cohabitation are the economic benefits. Living together can save each person money by splitting the cost-of-living expenses. While doing this, parties that cohabitate can still each keep their independence if they choose to and maintain separate bank accounts. In a marriage, however, income is combined, and couples typically function as a unit when paying expenses or making major family decisions and purchases.

Some disadvantages of a couple cohabitating are that parties are not entitled to the same benefits that a married couple receives. For example, a married couple is entitled to income tax benefits as well as beneficiary benefits should the spouse die. However, in a relationship where a couple is cohabitating, if one of the co-habituating persons get sick, the other person in the relationship is not seen as a family member and will not be able to see that person or have a say in medical related decisions.

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Another disadvantages of cohabitating, is the impact that cohabitating could have on children. I believe that if children are going to be in the picture, then marriage is the more logical choice.

While there certainly are pros and cons to cohabitation versus marriage, I believe that the biggest advantage of cohabitating is using it as a prelude to marriage. Having been married and divorced, and children grown and on their own, I would prefer to cohabitate with my significant other because I want to be sure of the man that I choose to share the rest of my life with. I believe that cohabitating with my significant other is a good way to test that relationship. However, I would only do this if my partner and I were in an exclusive and committed relationship. (an engagement period per se.)

I would not let just anyone into my home to live with me without full and thoughtful consideration.

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