Cathay Pacific is an airline with a problem: Flight attendants have been taking snacks such as chips, pretzels, bottles of water, and ice cream that are typically provided to passengers . The airline has decided to crack down on employee theft by issuing a company-wide warning informing flight attendants that they will now have their bags searched after every flight.

Allison is a flight attendant for Cathay Pacific. When she was first hired she enjoyed her job, but through the years this enjoyment has waned. She has been finding her job monotonous and boring. The company’s message was the last straw for her. Here is what she said about the incident: “Everyone I work with is really annoyed about the message that went out. All the flight attendants I know had no idea taking food home was even an issue. After three flights, any food that isn’t taken by passengers gets thrown out. I always took the remaining food because I thought it didn’t matter.”

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Allison’s direct supervisor also wants to increase her organizational commitment. Of the three specific types of organizational commitment, which one should Allison’s direct supervisor try to foster? Explain your choice.

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