Franchising Frenzy You and your partner started a house cleaning service a few years ago. Since you have many regular clients, business is steady and the two of you are busy. A national franchisor, Squeaky Cleaners, is looking for a franchisee to open its first franchise in your area. Squeaky Cleaners dominates the market in the other cities in which they have franchises. Your partner suggests that you dissolve your company and buy a franchise unit. You’re not so sure that is the best thing to do. Use the following questions to help you decide what to do. 1. What would be the advantages of dissolving your company and buying the Squeaky Cleaners franchise? 2. What would be the disadvantages? 3. What are the advantages of eping your company intact and competing against Squeaky Cleaners? 4. What would be the disadvantages? 5. What will you do? Why? Is there another alternative?
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