Working in teams is an important aspect of every work environment, and is particularly important in personal financial planning. Financial planning requires coordination and advice from a variety of experts such as tax, law, and banking as well as financial planners. When developing a financial plan the team consists of the financial planner, the individual or couple the plan is being prepared for and the additional experts as needed. Use this forum to discuss Case Study #2. Ask questions about things you are not sure of, or aspects of the case you would like to discuss. Provide tips or information to your classmates based on your own personal experience or research, and answer questions and discuss topics with your colleagues. While this is an opportunity to discuss the case with your classmates, it is expected that each student will submit their own case study of individual work. Note: A minimum of five postings is expected from each student in this forum and it is expected the forum will be active up until the due date of the case study.


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