Edward works for a company buying goods in bulk quantity from producers, storing them in their warehouse, distributing, and selling the products to their customers. The company Edward works for is a/an ________.

A) wholesaler

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B) agent

C) retailer

D) broker

6. Ben is visiting Ocean Park with his friends after the examination. Which of the following values is Ben expecting from the visit?

A) perceived value

B) utilitarian value

C) psychological value

D) hedonic value

7. Oral B manufactures various types of toothpaste including whitening, cavity protection and sensitivity relief. Which of the following segmentation approach does Oral B undertake?

A) benefit segmentation

B) demographic segmentation

C) psychographic segmentation

D) demographic segmentation

8. Pansy, the manager of a Japanese supermarket, conducts marketing research to collect data on customer preferences for Japanese green tea. Based on the research findings, she forecasts the sales of the most preferred flavor of green tea. Pansy is performing the ___________ of marketing research.

A) prescriptive role

B) predictive role

C) descriptive role

D) diagnostic role


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