Draw the context diagram and level-0 DFD to model the process described below. If you feel the narrative is incomplete, make some reasonable assumptions to complete the story. It is important that you supply these assumptions along with the diagram. A farmers’ cooperative buys agricultural supplies from large distributors in bulk to get volume discounts and then sells these supplies to farmers at cost. Farmers need to be a member of the cooperative to be eligible to purchase supplies at discounted prices. Every December, farmers send their request to the cooperative regarding their needs for supplies for the next year. The cooperative consolidates these requirements and then contacts distributors with information about quantities needed of various supplies. Distributors respond by sending their price quotes and their estimated delivery dates. Acceptable prices and delivery dates information is passed to farmers. Farmers then send their confirmed requirements to the cooperative. The cooperative uses membership databases to check to make sure that their membership is current. If it is, it sends them a confirmation, otherwise it sends them a note requesting them to renew membership. All of the demand information is consolidated by the cooperative and an order sent to the distributors for fulfilment. The order information is stored in the order database and also sent to the external relationship department of the cooperative.


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