Casablanca Discussion

This film highlights the role of popular music in the lives of
contemporary people. So the emotions that occur around Rick and
Ilsa’s “song” are something that we can all relate to.

Let’s consider the following points:

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  • Based upon your viewing and class analysis of the movie
    Casablanca, what role or roles does popular music play in
    the movie?
  • Secondly, how do the popular songs enhance the plot of the
  • Lastly, consider the main song itself…. “As Time Goes By” How
    does this song define both parts of their relationship, both in the
    present and in the past?

There are several avenues you could go with this. There is no
one right or wrong answer. Make sure you back up your opinions with
examples from the film.

Make sure that you have at least two paragraphs

please and thankyou!

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