Answer A Question 1 (30 Marks)

Read the case study below and answer the questions that

City of Cape Town ‘working hard’ on R132m Macassar housing

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The housing project in Macassar, valued at R132 million is
progressing well, the City of Cape Town said in a statement on

Construction on the project, which will provide beneficiaries
with state-subsidised housing, is under way, said the city council.
With recent land invasions across the Cape metropole at other
housing projects, the city council said it was on high alert to
avoid such incidents from happening at the Macassar site. Malusi
Booi, Mayco member for human settlements, said the site in Macassar
will see the most vulnerable becoming first-time homeowners and
create jobs during the construction period. Booi said the project
will run over the next three years and will include an electricity
network to support the project, while a professional team has been

“This project is testament to the City’s commitment to service
delivery through the provision of housing opportunities in a fair
and systematic way that does not allow or encourage queue-jumping,
which is what results from the attempts at illegal occupation that
have been taking place. “When homes are built for our most
vulnerable residents, it empowers them as first-time property
owners. Our qualifying beneficiaries are one step closer to
receiving their breaking new ground (BNG) homes for which they have
been waiting patiently for many years,” Booi said.

He said the project commenced at the end of November 2019 and
will be completed in two phases; however, the Covid-19 pandemic had
caused some delays. Construction was halted in March but resumed in
May when South Africa entered alert level 4 of the lockdown.


As the project manager of the City of Cape Town- Macassar
housing project, you need to a project charter to initiate this
project. This is a document that formally authorizes a project and
documents the project needs and the new product, service, or other
desired results that the project is intended to achieve. Use
practical examples and theory to develop a detailed project charter
for this project.

The project charter should include the following headings:

1. Project Title and date of authorization

2. Background to the project

3. Key assumptions

4. Business needs and other commercial needs

5. Scope of work

6. Key milestones

7. Project scheduling including estimated start and finish

8. Project estimated budget

9. Approach

10. Roles and responsibilities of project team and project

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