Ted Cordaro is an analytics consultant who has been brought into a large distribution company to perform data mining tasks on some of the data from their data warehouse. Ted has been specifically tasked with assisting the Human Resources, Sales and Marketing departments with building predictive models. Two datasets have been provided to Ted for analysis. The first dataset includes past and present employee information and the HR department would like Ted to build a predictive model to predict employee retention. The second dataset includes marketing campaign information and the Marketing department would like Ted to build a predictive model to predict monthly sales. Finally, the Sales department would like Ted to use the second dataset, using past sales data to predict future sales. Use the information provided to answer the questions that follow.

The Human Resources department wants to be able to use information about employees (Age, Department, Training Sessions) to predict if an employee will quit the company. Data for the first 5 employees is displayed in the table. Which type of predictive model should Ted build?

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Time Series




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