To be an effective target, a market segment should be:

a. Identifiable, stable and accessible

b. Identifiable, stable, comprehensive

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c. Stable, accessible, developed

d. Identifiable, reliable, valid

2. The three important objectives of marketing segmentation are:

a. Gain new customers, increase sales, help consumer to make a decision

b. Increase motivation, retain existing customers, make interviews

c. Gain new customers, sustain existing customers, gain new customers,

d. Sustain existing customers, make observations, help the society.

3. The geographic segmentation includes the following:

a. Region, climate, life style.

b. Region, city size, climate

c. Age, gender, region

d. Climate, region, income

4. Some of the steps of the segmentation process are;

a. Market mapping, finding new market, group consumer by need groups.

b. Analyze consumer demands, positioning, analyze data

c. Market mapping, collecting data, finding new market

d. Analyze consumer demands, market mapping, developing a research

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