Many students work as unpaid interns as they begin their careers. Jaime Hurlbut completed a one-year internship at the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. The internship was provided through Career Edge, a private organization that arranges youth internships. Jaime found that when he graduated from university, most jobs Ahe wanted required two to three years of experience. His internship gave him the means to succeed, and he was hired full-time as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. Jaime’s satisfaction is obvious. He says: “I am finally doing what I have always dreamed of.”

Questions – 5 Marks

1. What do employers receive from summer interns? What returns do students get from the opportunities? Explain with two points.( 2 Marks)

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2. Should summer interns be paid? If so, how much? How would you recommend an employer decide the answers to both these questions? Explain with two points.( 2 Marks)

3. What added information would you like to have before you make your recommendations? How would you use this information? List and explain any one point. ( 1 Marks)

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