Length: Minimum 3 pages, maximum 5 pages (including title page).


Write a contract based upon the facts below. You may use information from any available source, e.g. textbooks, existing contracts, internet contracts, etc. (Sample contracts are available on the internet in a multitude of varieties. You should check some of them out before you begin this assignment but when you start working on the assignment, make sure you use the appropriate type of contract.) You do not have to write in legalese. Everyday English will suffice. You may include as many sections as you want but at a minimum, you must adequately address the following issues:

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  1. Parties to the contract
  2. Terms of the contract (effective date and/or term)
  3. Consideration (payment, payment type and payment terms)
  4. Default/Breach (damages and remedies)
  5. Integration
  6. Notice to Parties
  7. Choice of law and venue
  8. Modification
  9. Attorney Fees
  10. Signature of the Parties

If you include additional sections, make sure they relate to the scenario below. Be sure to read Chapter 13, Practical Contracts, before you attempt this assignment. This chapter gives you guidance on the requirements of a written contract.


Your goal is to write a valid and binding contract that will hold up if challenged and that will protect your “client.”


Chris P. Cream owns and operates Bon Appetit Bakery. Bon Appetit seeks to purchase 8,000 pounds of organic coffee beans for its coffee from Gulf Coast Coffee Company located in Panama City, Florida. The agreement Bon Appetit has reached an agreement with Gulf Coast is to supply the coffee beans for $10 per pound. Bon Appetit requires that the beans be certified organic. Not only are the pastries delectable at Bon Appetit, but people drive out of their way to get coffee at Bon Appetit.

Delivery will take place in four shipments of 2,000 pounds each. The first delivery must be received by September 20, 2021 to ensure the bakery does not run out of their current supply. Each additional delivery must be made on or before the last day of October, November, and December 2021. Gulf coast wants to bill Bon Appetit for each shipment on the date the order ships with payment due within ten (10) days from shipment. Gulf Coast also seeks payment by automatic withdrawal from Bon Appetit’s bank account. In the event funds are insufficient to cover the cost of the particular shipment, Gulf Coast will charge an additional $50 for each week thereafter in which the payment is not made. (Assume this penalty is considered reasonable under the law). Bon Appetit will pay shipping costs unless rush shipping is required to meet the delivery deadline, at which time Gulf Coast will be responsible for the increased cost.

If the first shipment is not received by September 20, 2021, Bon Appetit may cancel the contract. If there is a delay in subsequent shipments and it is not received by the last day of the months specified in the contract, Bon Appetit will be entitled to a ten percent reduction in price. In the event, the coffee beans received are not certified organic, Bon Appetit may reject the coffee beans, cover and recoup the difference between the cost paid to cover and the cost of the flour set forth in the contract. The parties have agreed that Oklahoma law will apply.

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