Activities, preceding activities, normal and crashed completion times of each of the activities and crashed costs of activities per week of a project are given in the following table. Activity Preceding Activity Crashed Completion time (week) Crashed Cost per week A B C D E F Normal Completion Time (week) 6 5 6 4 7 9 5 4 4 3 7 7 $550 $700 $500 $400 B AC B D, E $600 i. ii. Draw the network diagram linking all the activities in a way that it shows if there exist any preceding activity/activities before starting each of the mentioned activities in the above table. Find the earliest start time, the earliest finish time, the latest start time and the latest finish time of each of the activities in the drawn diagram of the project and hence the completion time of the project and the critical path. Find the critical activities and slack time of each of the activities. Find the minimum possible completion time of the project by considering the crashed completion times and the minimal total cost of crashing the project.
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