Competitor Analysis

In each industry there are four companies and you are competing
with four other companies. All the groups have family cars but you
have direct competition with one or two groups. This assignment is
about competitors and how you can analyze them. This assignment
will help you to adapt your strategy based on competitors

Please choose who you believe (only one company) is your most
significant competitor and respond to the following questions. You
can enter your answers to the questions here or upload
a MS-WORD or PDF file.

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*Firm you have chosen for in-depth analysis:
——– (Put a name of company here: like Group A or

1. Business Definition: What business does this
competitor appear to be in? What markets do they serve, what
customer needs are satisfied?

2. Source of Competitive Advantage: What do you believe
this competitor views as their source of competitive

3. Strengths and Weaknesses: How would you characterize
the primary strengths and weaknesses of this competitor? How can
you exploit their weaknesses while defending against their

4. Self-Analysis: How does this competitor view your
firm? Do they consider you a threat? What weakness(es) does your
firm have that might be viewed as an opportunity for this

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