The new CEO after joining the well-known highly performing company that is also known as a top paymaster found employees here are very much work focused, stressed & has very low level of social bondage. This organization is also a hub of rumors of all sorts. As every now & then employee leaves the company it is known in the market as a hire & fire company. Observing this the CEO decided firstly to start a birthday celebration party each month for employees. Secondly to install a Star Performer board where best performers of the month will be displayed & finally he asked to arrange a yearend Family Picnic for all employees. Most of the existing senior managers who are there for long were considering all these as time & money waster. Moreover these do not go with tradition of the company & there is no need of such thing as its already a performing company.

However after one year of introduction of above it was clear that the company performed even better compared to all other previous years. Moreover employee turnover went down dramatically

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  1. What is your view about the organization before this new CEO joined? Give reasons 2
  2. Why the senior manager were not supporting initiatives of CEO? 2
  3. Why the performance of the company improved? 2


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