Peach Incorprated
of Georgia, produces high quality purses and scarves for women. It currently
exporters to Brazil through a local distributor in Sao Paulo. The company now
wants to take control of the distribution of its products in Brazil. As you
learned in class, Peach Incorporated should

O join an export

O employ an export
management compay

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replace its distributor
with a local agent

establish a marketing

Question 24 (2 points)

Unlike Atlanta based
International Enterprises that sells the same Georgia peach relish in the same
way to distributors in Mexico and Chile, Global Consortium of Alpharetta
employs green marketing tactics in packaging and labeling of its Georgia peach
relish to German and Danish distributors. International Enterprises is engaged
in and Global Consortium is engaged in

mass marketing:
differentiated exporting

export specialization;
generic exporting

export selling; export

export promotion; export

import differentiation;
export specialization

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