In the following table, specify if each of the 10 statements is True or False. For the ones that are false, in the right column of the table please correct that statement by use of a few words (10 points) Statement T/F If it is False, why and/or what change makes it correct?

3-1. Brewery is a typical example of a batch production

3-2. Takt time is the average time a task takes to complete

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3-3. Theoretical capacity is never more than the effective capacity of a resource or resource pool

3-4. Too many idle resources are an indicator of an external bottleneck

3-5. In the case of an external bottleneck, one solution can be to increase the marketing efforts to attract more customers, but we cannot say if this is the best solution before conducting root-cause analysis

3-6. When there is no wait time, the flow time is equal to theoretical flow time

3-7. The flow time of a process can be calculated by taking an average on the duration of critical path and non-critical paths

3-8. Product mix modification can be one of the ways to increase a process throughput (and expedite the process)

3-9. Wastes in a process lead to process imperfections

3-10. Minimum activity duration with zero wait time is called the theoretical flow time

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